Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vietnamese Coffee & Jim Martin

I sat and read Creative Loafing @ Pho Dai Loi this evening. Between the caffeine and the December 2 runoff, I cannot sleep. I can't make myself go vote let alone simply care enough. I felt bad so I donated money to the DNC. I did this because I really doubt Jim Martin will be any different than Saxby Chambliss. I mean, isn't a white southern man just like the next white southern man?

I can't imagine Martin arguing against anti-abortion/prolife legislation. I can't imagine Martin angering southern constituents over social issues. However, social issues are not at the forefront of today's political climate though Saxby would like us to believe. He doesn't mention it, but Chambliss wants us to vote our fears. I know scores of Vietnamese who voted just that...their fears. They fear blacks will riot and rob their salons. They fear blacks will be justified in their not tipping. All these made up fears.

I still have to mull this over...